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Keep the Power of Positivity in Mind

keep the power of positivity in mind

Chiropractic care involves relieving stress and pain by returning balance to your spine and nervous system. Harness the power of your mind to help create stability and support your healthcare journey.

Mindfulness is defined by the University of California’s Greater Good Science Centre> as:

‘Maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens.’

The power of Mindfulness and associated Positive thinking

Numerous studies have shown that employing the practice of Mindfulness in our everyday life will help to improve our:

· stress levels

· anxiety

· immunity

· resilience

· mood

· overall sense of well-being

5 simple steps to cultivate Mindfulness and Positive thinking in your life

1. Affirmations help to remind, focus and self-motivate

Start your day right by setting a simple, positive affirmation / statement / goal. Write it down or say it out loud to help consolidate it in your thoughts. Then make sure you repeat it a few times throughout the day to keep you centred. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

2. Breathe with intent to calm and focus

Find a quiet and relaxing space to lie or sit down. Slowly breathe in and out, focusing only on your breaths. Don’t worry about the length; simply concentrate on following your body’s breathing pattern. According to Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, breathing with intent is the perfect time to appreciate being alive.

“The in-breath can be a celebration of the fact that you are alive, so it can be very joyful. When you are joyful and happy, you don’t feel that you have to make any effort at all. I am alive; I am breathing in. To be still alive is a miracle. The greatest of all miracles is to be alive, and when you breathe in, you touch that miracle. Therefore, your breathing can be a celebration of life.”

3. Meditation helps your mental and physical health

In your relaxing space, find a comfortable position to meditate. Set a timer to free your mind without the worry of checking the time. Focus on breathing and try to clear your mind. It’s normal to have thoughts pop up while meditating, but learn to witness them and let them go instead of thinking about or actively suppressing them.

At first, you may find meditation difficult, but don’t be hard on yourself. Appreciate the quiet time and keep trying – it does get easier! If you struggle to meditate on your own, you could attend a class or download a guided meditation app to help you learn to relax, let go of your thoughts and get in tune with your body and mind.

4. Turn a negative into a positive

Actively look for the silver lining in every cloud. Catch those negative internal thoughts/speech and turn them into more positive ones. If you do this often enough, it will eventually develop into a habit of positive thinking.

“We are what we think” – Buddha

5. Find your tribe

Surround yourself with people who are positive and uplifting. Their energy and words will have a knock-on effect, and you will begin to express similar traits. Similarly, reduce the impact of harmful people in your life by recognising their speech and behaviours and protecting yourself against them.

There are many ways chiropractic and other health care professionals can assist with your healing journey. But don’t forget that you can also support and strengthen your body and mind. Incorporate these simple steps into your everyday routines to provide peace of mind, focus, awareness and strength.

Dr Nicole Hudson

Principal Chiropractor | Connect Chiropractic

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