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Pregnancy Chiropractor
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If you are reading this, we are assuming you are pregnant or planning pregnancy. Congratulations from the team at Connect Chiropractic ❤️

You are embarking on an amazing, life-changing journey in a woman’s life. While pregnancy is a beautiful and rewarding experience, the nine months can bring with it pain and discomfort as your body changes and adapts to create and prepare for your baby. Our pregnancy chiropractors offer gentle chiropractic care for pregnant mums, ensuring your body is in optimal and prime condition for childbirth.

Connect Chiropractic at Noble Park is a family-owned, women-run chiropractic practice. We are passionate about helping you to have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy. The well-being of expectant mums and babies is paramount to us. We have the privilege in helping many women in this special journey from preconception, pregnancy and post-childbirth.

Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy?

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We understand your concern as an expectant mother about the safety of chiropractic care. We can assure you chiropractic care is exceptionally safe for pregnant women.


Chiropractic care for pregnant women is safe, gentle and an effective way to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms. It focuses on the maintenance & adjustment of the spine, improves your pelvic balance, and reduces the stress on the spinal nerve system which is increased during pregnancy.

Chiropractic evaluation and treatment may be warranted and considered a safe and effective means of treating common musculoskeletal symptoms of pregnant patients.

Benefits of Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is a critical time for your health and your baby’s development. The demands on your spine and nervous system increase significantly during this period. As your baby grows, your body undergoes constant changes and adaptations, which may not always occur smoothly or comfortably. The health of your spine plays a vital role in addressing various pregnancy-related issues such as lower back pain, headaches, sciatica, nausea, indigestion, and dizziness.

Our Pregnancy Chiropractors at Connect Chiropractic use gentle adjusting techniques to the spine and pelvis. We may also provide the pregnant mum with safe home exercises and lifestyle advice.

84% of Pregnant Women Get Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic

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Webster Certified Chiropractor Noble Park Melbourne

The Webster Technique is a specialised chiropractic analysis and adjustment designed to alleviate nerve system stress, restore balance to pelvic muscles and ligaments, and enhance the pelvic function of expectant mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Webster technique has successfully assisted numerous women in avoiding unnecessary interventions during birth. While seeking chiropractic care during pregnancy is advantageous, we recommend consulting with a Webster Certified Chiropractor who has received specialised training to help you and your body through pregnancy.

Dr Mai Huynh is Webster Certified Chiropractor and has received additional training treating women throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

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Meet Your Noble Park Chiropractors

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Dr Nicole Hudson

Principal Chiropractor

BHSci(Chiro), MClinChiro, GradDip MedSc, BSc

Nicole is the Principal Chiropractor at Connect Chiropractic. A mother of three girls. Nicole knows the transformative healing of chiropractic on pregnant women & babies from personal and professional experience. She loves working with babies, pregnant women and families in helping them achieve pain-free, happy lives.

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Dr Mai Huynh


BBiomedSc, BAppSci(CompMedChiro), MClinChiro

Mai is trained and certified in the Webster technique. She has a strong interest in working with pregnant women, babies and families. She has undertaken post-graduate studies in paediatrics and applied kinesiology. Mai is passionate about her work and uses a wide range of techniques to help maintain well-being whilst focusing on postural rehabilitation to improve outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about Connect Chiropractic and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Absolutely, Yes!  All our Chiropractors at Connect Chiropractic see many women in their preconception phase (in the lead up to them conceiving) and through all trimesters of pregnancy.  It is quite common for women to experience intense aches and pains during the first trimester and really do find adjustments with one of our experienced Melbourne chiropractors can really help.

As a women’s body changes through the stages of pregnancy and growth and development of her baby so does her posture, spine, hips and pelvis which can lead to her experiencing pain or discomfort or many other symptoms. Some common reasons women may see us at Connect Chiropractic during pregnancy include problems such as lower back pain, sciatica, hip, pelvis or pubic pain, neck and shoulder tension, upper back pain or headaches.  We often also see women for round ligament (which is like the sling underneath your growing belly that helps support the uterus and your baby) pain.  Many women also see us as also for preventative reasons. Having chiropractic care enables us to check and adjust her spine during pregnancy as a way of ensuring sure there’s beautiful movement through the lower spine. pelvis and sacrum at the base of the spine this ensures the bones of the spine and pelvis and joints are moving as well as possible for Mum to be and baby are as comfortable as possible during you pregnancy and also through labour and birth.

The frequency that a pregnant woman should see a Chiropractor depends on quite a few different factors. One factor may depend on how a woman is feeling and how her body is moving, whereas another factors can be what she presents with on her initial examination, how far along she may be in her pregnancy, if she is quite early or later in pregnancy, if she has been seeing a Chiropractor prior to falling pregnant, or if she has just started seeing a Chiropractor.  It also very much depends on what her goals are for her care which is discussed at her initial consultation.

In a word “Yes” it is safe to have your back ‘cracked’ or adjusted while you are pregnant. Chiropractic adjustments are safe and gentle and the vast majority of women say they feel better, are able to move better and have less stress and tension on their body immediately after their adjustment.  Some adjusting techniques are modified for safety and comfort that includes using belly pillows to allow you to lie on your stomach comfortably and lower force adjusting methods.  

There is nothing in literature report to state that Chiropractic adjustments can cause a miscarriage. It has not been reported as something that has occurred which has then led to Chiropractors being advised as a risk factor for miscarriage. Chiropractic treatment can be as gentle as like getting a massage, there is very low risk to the pregnant woman and her baby.  

Whilst it hasn’t been documented that chiropractic care can induce labour per se, there are however techniques we can utilize that stimulates certain channels and pathways in the body which can assist getting the body ready for labour.  There have been many cases anecdotally where a woman has come to get an adjustment very late on in their pregnancy and they have gone into labour later that day or the next day. Whilst it may not necessarily be correlated, Chiropractic care does make things move and feel a lot better potentially helping bub then decide it’s time to come! 

Yes!  It might not be something you are wanting to share with others especially if you are very early in your pregnancy however it is important that we know as that may help us understand how you present in our examination before treatment, whether we would refer you for x-rays or not and also influence the techniques we would modify during treatment.


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