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Chiropractic Care for Kids. Creating Family Wellness Begins with Children

Safe & Gentle Chiropractic for Children - from newborn to teens

As parents, we want the absolute best for our children. We are no different at Connect Chiropractic.

Children experience an enormous amount of change within them. Their body and nervous system are developing and maturing constantly.

Connect Chiropractic has been providing gentle chiropractic care for babies, children and adolescents for over 20 years. Chiropractic offers a gentle, effective and drug-free approach to children’s healthcare. Our team of chiropractors provide families with an opportunity to discuss, learn and understand how chiropractic care may play a role in your child’s healthcare.

Is Chiropractic Safe for Infants / Babies?

Yes, absolutely!

We are qualified and reputed Paediatric Chiropractors with experience in assessing and treating babies. We will listen and understand your needs, concerns, and perform a complete assessment to find out how we can help your baby.

Our #1 focus is safety by being thorough and gentle. Everything will be explained to you clearly prior to us doing anything.

Our Chiropractors hold a Masters degree in Chiropractic supplemented with specialised training in Paediatric Care. You can feel confident that your precious little one is in good hands and receiving the best care when you visit Connect Chiropractic in Noble Park.


of respondents with children under 12 years old reported a positive experience with chiropractic care of their child

Can your baby benefit from seeing a Paediatric Chiropractor?

We understand how you are feeling.

Paediatric Chiropractic Care can be a valuable addition to the healthcare of your baby. The first year of your baby’s life is a period they will experience an extraordinary degree of development, surpassing any other age.

Within the 1st year, your baby’s height will grow by 50%, while their brain 2x in size. By the age of 5, their brain volume will have reached 90%.

This crucial phase of rapid growth and development can be influenced by the stress exerted on their spine and nervous system, potentially resulting in delays in reaching developmental milestones, as well as learning and behavioural challenges.


of respondents with children under 12 years old indicated chiropractic spinal care helped their child

Best Chiropractic Care For Newborns Melbourne

Let’s take a step back. During a baby’s time in mother’s womb, and during the birthing process, your precious little one can go through a particularly hard time.

During the time spent in the womb, the baby might have been confined and positioned in suboptimal and awkward ways depending on multiple factors.

Following this, the baby could go through a gruelling birthing process (either a natural birth, assisted or C-Section). Birthing is a huge ordeal for both the mother AND the baby as it poses substantial challenges to the baby’s tender body. It can affect a baby’s spine and may cause irritation to the nervous system.

Traumatic birth can create spinal distortions, shoulder or hip dysfunction that may affect how your baby settles, grows and develops.

Why Would Your Child Need Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care can be highly beneficial for babies who experience the following symptoms:

In the newborn, even the smallest of the misalignments & subluxations may have a tremendous impact on the developing nerve system

plagiocephaly chiropractor noble park

Chiropractic for Children Melbourne

Chiro for kids, teenagers, adolescents & youngsters

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Does your child experience low back pain? Headaches? Neck pain or tension?

Nowadays kids are hunched over their phones, laptops or tablets from school work and recreational use. This can contribute to stressed and awkward postures leading to pain.

Technology connects with the world, but can disconnect us with our bodies.
Do you observe your child with poor posture or slouching? Is there concerns with their quality of sleep?

Tech neck and Scoliosis are two most common postural issues. It is advisable to get your child checked before they reach skeletal maturity. If you are concerend with postural issues, please get your child checked as early as possible as their body is growing quickly.

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Postural Checks For School Students

Our team of skilled chiropractors are trained to conduct postural checks, treat sporting injuries, assess heavy backpacks, and care for your child’s spine through all stages of their growth and development. We will provide you and your child with easy exercises and lifestyle guidance to foster healthy habits which they can use throughout their lives.

Noble Park's Trusted Family Chiropractor

We are a family-friendly chiropractic clinic and you are more than welcome to bring any other children in with you as we are fully aware that getting child care can be difficult. Our friendly reception staff is always staffed during opening hours so any queries you have can be answered promptly via phone or email.

Not your average waiting room...

Baby nappy change facilities

Breast, or bottle feeding area. Or during treatment.

Kids play area. Plenty of colouring books to keep them busy.

Easy car park on-site

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about Connect Chiropractic and the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Paediatric chiropractic is the practice of chiropractic concerned with the care of infants and children up to adulthood.  At Connect Chiropractic when you consult one of our chiropractors for your child we will take the time to get important information about you and your pregnancy and birth of you newborn baby.  The development during pregnancy and birth process can have significant impact on your newborn’s health and post birth recovery.   Understanding these influences assists us in tailoring your baby’s care to help their growth, development resolving their issues they are currently having. 

In 2019 Safer Care Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government undertook extensive search to identify evidence of harm sustained by children who had received chiropractic care.  This extensive search identified little to no evidence of patient harm occurring in Australia.  No patient complaints or practitioner notifications had arisen from significant harm to a child following spinal manipulation chiropractic care.

Public responses to Safer Care Victoria’s investigation indicated very strong consumer satisfaction where 99.7% (21,750) of respondents reported a positive experience with the chiropractic care of their children and the overwhelming majority of parents/guardians reported that chiropractic spinal care helped their child, with 98% (21,474) indicating that their child improved after treatment.

A 2019 prospective observational study collected data from 1092 mothers of infants receiving chiropractic care. In total, 82% (n = 797) reported definite improvement of their infants on a global impression of change scale. As well, 95% (n = 475) reported feeling that the care was cost-effective, and 90.9% (n = 712) rated their satisfaction 8 or higher on an 11-point scale. Minor self-limiting side effects were reported (5.8%, n = 42/727) but no adverse events. (Miller et al, 2019)

Along with this the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) has not had any reported complaints against a chiropractor related to the treatment of a child and there has been no cases reported where an insurance agent has had to defend or settle such a claim.

Chiropractic care carries extremely low risk for children because chiropractors are trained to suitably modify techniques to suit the child’s age, stage of development and presentation. These are gentle and precise techniques used by expertly qualified practitioners.

When you bring your infant or child to see one of the chiropractors at Connect Chiropractic you will see we have a very child friendly practice and very warm, friendly, caring staff.  On your child’s first visit you will be asked a comprehensive range of questions that allow us to learn about your child’s issues as well as understanding their past health history, their growth and development.  We then will go through an extensive physical examination that is tailored for the age of your child and their main issues of concern. Most parents are pleasantly surprised at level of detail the assessment and examination is performed.  After we have all the results and information, we will discuss with you our findings, if we may be able to help and care plan that may be needed. 

Any proposed chiropractic treatment will be demonstrated to you the parents/guardians and only if you are comfortable with the proposed treatment and give consent will your infant or child be treated. 

Children are typically treated at the initial visit and all chiropractic techniques used by the chiropractors at Connect Chiropractic have been selected based on your child’s, comfort, safety and effectiveness.  All chiropractic techniques our Melbourne Chiropractors use are modified to suit your child’s condition, age, physical size, and development.  We always strive to provide the best possible care, experience and results we can for your child at every visit.

During childbirth, a newborn baby can experience a variety of physical issues.  From spines, hips and shoulders out of alignment to underdeveloped digestive systems, infants are especially vulnerable to trauma during birth. Fortunately, paediatric chiropractic care has offered incredible benefits for newborns and alleviated some of the most common difficulties that many infants experience.

While many people might believe that chiropractic care is mostly for adults, it’s very safe for newborn babies in the first few weeks following birth and at every stage of their growing life and can help them avoid problems such as ear infections, colic, and more. can help ensure healthy growth throughout all of your child’s most important milestones.

Some common ways you may notice your baby showing signs of pain or discomfort:

  • Crying or unhappy with changing their nappy or clothes.
  • Unhappy lying on a change table.
  • Unhappy with tummy time.
  • Dislike of the pram or car seat.
  • Unhappy or fussing with feeding on one side verses the other side.
  • Constant asymmetrical posture such as always having their head turned to one side or tilted.
  • Unable to turn their head equally on one side compared to the other side.


Parents often can have other concerns that are not on this list that they are worried about such as persistent crying or unsettledness, difficulty sleeping or your baby sleeping for lots of short periods or even reflux.  If you would like to understand how Chiropractic may be able to help or want to discuss your concerns and understand our practice, please feel free to contact us anytime to speak to one of our Connect Chiropractic Chiropractors in Noble Park Melbourne.  We are here for you and your child.


We often have more appointment times available please call us at (03) 9512 5882 if you can’t find a suitable time online.