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Top 12 Tips To Survive The Silly Season


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but with it comes a lot of running around, organisation and stress. Here are our top 12 tips to survive the silly season:

  1. Don’t get weighed down – It’s time to drag out the Christmas tree and decorations but be careful with all that heavy lifting and climbing.  When you’re lifting, ensure that you use your hips and knees and avoid any unnecessary twisting. Think of your body as a block and use your feet to turn your whole body around rather than rotating from your lower back.
  2. Good night, sleep tight – Try to plan some early nights to allow your body to rest up after the busy days.  Sleep is the time when your body heals and regenerates.  To help your mind and body relax, try drinking a herbal tea (e.g. chamomile tea) in the evening and make sure you avoid screens / electrical devices an hour before bed. 
  3. I’m dreaming of a white wine Christmas…but in moderation! – Christmas parties and events are now in full swing and with that comes the temptation to drink excessively.  To ensure a sober festive season, limit your alcohol intake.  Plan alcohol free days through the month, drink slowly and avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.  Alternate between alcohol and water (or other non-alcoholic beverages) to remain hydrated.  Avoid topping up and finish your glass fully so you are aware of the amount of alcohol you’re consuming.  Most importantly, please don’t drink and drive!
  4. Relax – Take time out to meditate and practice mindfulness. Studies have shown that 20 minutes of meditation can have significant health benefits.
  5. Sleigh ride –  Long drives might be on the cards for a number of people over the holiday season. Try and plan regular breaks (every 2 hours, shorter if required) and use a lumbar support to alleviate low back tension. If you have a tendency to put your wallet in your back pocket, remember to take it out when you’re driving to keep good pelvic alignment.
  6. Christmas stuffing – Try and keep everything in moderation when piling your plate up with that yummy Christmas food.  A balanced meal is a good meal, so aim for more fresh vegetables, fruits and lean protein.
  7. Be merry – Exercise keeps you fit, burns off those Christmas calories and releases feel good hormones like endorphins.  The general goal is to aim for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity everyday to maintain good health.
  8. Santa’s list – To reduce stress, start a list of what you need to buy, make and do so that way you’re more organised.  If it works for Santa, it’ll work for you.
  9. Christmas is a time for giving –  Going back to the true essence of Christmas – helping others will help spread Christmas cheer. 
  10. Santa’s helpers – Putting on Christmas lunch or dinner can be a big task.  Where possible, let go of the reins a bit and delegate tasks. Try and keep things simple to avoid unnecessary stress.
  11. Christmas cheer – Sometimes we can get caught up in all the Christmas commotion so remember to keep your sense of humour and fun.  Take time out to celebrate and reflect on the year that was with your loved ones.
  12. All I want for Christmas is a well adjusted spine – It can get chaotic during December but please don’t neglect your (and your family’s) health and wellbeing. Make time to get regular adjustments in so you can function and feel better.  Your body will thank you!

The team at Connect Chiropractic wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, a relaxing holiday season and a healthy, safe and happy New Year! 

Dr Nicole Hudson

Principal Chiropractor | Connect Chiropractic

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